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Tales from the Panchatantra - The four Friends and the Hunter

   This is one of the interesting tales from the Panchatantra collection. The Panchatantra is very well known short story or fables collection in India. In every tales of the Panchatantra, there must be an educational lesson and we consider as a moral of the story.
tales from the panchatantra-the four friends and the hunter
The four Friends and the Hunter

   The four friends and the Hunter

     - Tales from the Panchatantra

   Long, long ago, there lived three friends in a jungle. They were-a deer, a crow and a mouse. They were very close in relationship and they used to share their meals together.

   One day, a tortoise came to them and said, "I also want to join your company and become your friend. I am all alone."

   "You are most welcome, But what about your personal safety? There are many hunters around. They visit this jungle regularly. Suppose, a hunter comes, how will you save yourself?" said the crow to the tortoise.

   "That is the reason why I want to join your group," said the tortoise

   No sooner had they talked about it than a hunter appeared on the scene. Seeing the hunter, the deer darted away. The crow flew in the sky and the mouse ran into a hole. The tortoise tried to crawl away fast, but he was caught by the hunter. The hunter tied him up in the net. The hunter was sad to lose the deer. But he thought, it was better to feast on the tortoise rather than to go hungry.

tales from the panchatantra-the four friends and the hunter
The four Friends and the Hunter
   The tortoise's three friends became much worried to see his friend trapped by the hunter. They sat together to think of some plan to free his friend from the hunter's trap.

   The crow then flew high up in the sky and spotted the hunter walking along the river bank. As per the plan the deer ran ahead of the hunter unnoticed and lay on the hunter's path as if dead.

   The hunter saw the deer from a distance, lying on the ground. He was very happy to have found it again. "Now I will have a good feast on it and sell its beautiful skin in the market," talked the hunter to himself. He put down the tortoise on to the ground and ran to pick up the deer.

   In the meanwhile, as planned, the rat bitted through the net and freed the tortoise. The tortoise hurriedly crawled away into the river water.

   According to the plan of these friends, the hunter went to fetch the dear for its tasty flesh and beautiful skin. But, what the hunter saw with his mouth agape was that, when he reached near, the deer suddenly jumped up to its feet and darted away in the jungle. Before the hunter could understand anything, the deer had disappeared.

   After that, the hunter turned back to collect the tortoise, what he had left behind on the ground in the net. But he was shocked to see the net lying nibbled at and the tortoise was missing. For a moment, the hunter thought that he was dreaming. But the damaged net lying on the ground was proof enough to confirm that he was very much awake and he was bound to believe that some miracle had taken place.

   The hunter got frightened on account of these happening incidences and ran out of the jungle.

   After that, the four friends once again started living happily together.

Moral of the story: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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